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Hi! I'M a seasoned graphic DESIGNER 

I have been working in graphic design for over 20 years. I am focused in bringing my skills and following Spirit together to provide marketing tools / packages to bring about the uniqueness of a businesses. I wish to transcend your work into the light as we step together in new territories and new ventures, whether it is a new branding or a re-branding,  you have a friend in me and my work.

Graphics /Design

• Logos

• Social Media

• Fonts & Colors

• Photo Retouch

• Photo Enhancement 

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• Mailing Materials

• Flyers & Rack Cards

• Business Cards

• Ads

• Website Design

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• Book Layout & Design

• Online Flip-Books

• Magazine Layout & Design

• Presentations

• Create Pdfs

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• Marketing Plans

• Social Media Usage

• Unique Marketing Techniques

• Word of Mouth Marketing

• Connect with other vendors

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I have been designing, creating and editing graphics for a little over 20 years. I started out as an intern in a small home office with jobs that involved simple black and white real estate ads, to movie props, to billboard design, and a plethora of jobs in between. I then moved into photo correction and large photo printing. Color correction was a great skill to learn early on in the game as the focus on one thing made it a skill most don't get to experience but in a class or workshop. I had a few years of it and was able to build speed and efficiency with the quick keys and ins and outs of Photoshop. After years of sitting in that space I went into working for an agency. I was the creative team, editing team, and version-breakout team for a new grocery chain started by Food Lion in North Carolina. Here I learned a lot about pre-press and how much goes into the design of flyers and weekly advertisements. This job then landed me into another large agency where I was on the production team of around 60 people that created the Lowe's Home Improvement flyers. Again, another lesson on the background of the design world and working In 'good old' QuarkXPress, most designers now days don't even know about this ancient program! Soon the agency upgraded and I was to learn InDesign. With this experience I have been able to take on freelance jobs designing books and several yearly directories for a company in New York, Path to Parenthood. 

Several years later I landed in Florida and worked as a Marketing Coordinator, designing door signs to annual reports. This position gave me experience in building Social Media, fundraising, and designing within a purpose of helping others. It was invigorating and exciting.


Over all these years and positions, I have been part of all sides of the designing. Creative, production and pre-press. I have gained knowledge and experience to life companies from starting their marketing packages to full on Advertising. This has brought me to freelancing and being able to be creative and purposeful at the same time.  In a creative mindset, I am always seeking to do more with my talents and interests to use them in ways that will be personally rewarding. I also love to donate my time where I can and share my gift when possible. 


But just as you excel in everything-in faith, in speech,

in knowledge, in complete earnestness and in your love

for us-see that you also excel in this grace of giving. 

2 Corinthians 8:7


My name is Steven Dalton. I'm a National Recording Artist. Katie's work is AMAZING! Since 2013 until present, she's created high quality posters, album covers, cleaned up pictures, created png files etc. And in many cases, with little information to guide her. Her wealth of knowledge and her vision to bring projects to life is unmatched. I must add that her turn around time is extraordinary. You will not be disappointed! 


KT made my dream website come true !  I told her exactly how I envisioned it and it looks beyond my wildest dreams. It looks so clean, serene, professional and all the colors are perfectly matched. The whole site is build according to my wishes with lots of adds in that kt suggested and things I did not consider but are brilliant (like automated email, calenders etc). 

She has done this for many years and she works so well, fast and I just loved every moment working with her. I saw it as a huge hickup to start a website but kt made it so much fun! She even thaught me how to adjust things myself so if needed along the way I can do things on my own. She is always fast in responding to any questions I have and I am so grateful that KT graphics was the company who build my dream website!


I would recommend her 1000% percent. In fact I am so happy that we are now continuing with our social media branding. Thank you kt 🙏 


Katie exudes incomparable creative prowess and superior professionalism when collaborating with individuals and organizations for graphic design projects. While working with Katie, I am confident she will exceed my expectations and vision through her creativity and timeliness. She has a natural passion for graphic design that radiates into everything she accomplishes.


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